Sudanese Sugar Co. Ltd is managed by highly professional management constituted by number of sugar experts involved in sugar industry for more than three decades. Most of them have professional accreditation in the field of sugar industry.

quality of sugar

To cope with Sudanese Sugar Co. Ltd strategy towards improving of quality of sugar, two sugar refineries have been installed at Sennar and Assalaya factories to produce "high quality Nile Sugar" at total capacity.

Social Services Projects

At the moment, the factories are producing their needed electricity during off-crop period from excess bagasse. Regarding the field of factory -services, illumination of 14 villages in the area of Assalaya has been finalized.

Sugar Factories

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The Sudanese Sugar Company has various plans of projects addressing the following main areas: • Increase of Production. • Utilization of by-products • Improving the quality of the sugar production.

Sudanese Sugar Company

Since 1992 Sudanese Sugar Company is regarded one of vital economic pillars in the country, and one of the successful public sector companies operating in accordance with the Law of Companies of 1925. Sudanese sugar companies have seen radical changes and have achieved high efficiency figures.