Chronology of Sudanese Sugar Company

The idea to establish a sugar industry in Sudan first emerged during 1930s when Boxol British Company sent the Italian expert, Malsos to Mangla to explore the possibility of establishing a sugar  cane factory in Sudan.   Sudan was  at that time under the British rule. Sugar cane was planted at Gaili, Medani , Kamleen Singa , Jebal Mara & some other areas at that time. However, sugar was in food industry as it is the case today. There was a factory for sugar cane syrup in Khartoum North belonging to the Middle East Agricultural Company.

In early 1959 the Swiss expert Prof. Fredrick Roan was deputed  to study whether sugar industry is feasible in Sudan. In 1960 the foundation stone for Guneid Sugar Factory was laid by Major General Mohammad Ahmad Irwa on behalf of President Abboud. The season of trial Production of Guneid Sugar Factory started in March 1962.

Chronology of Sudanese Sugar Company:

  • 1962 the installation of Guneid Sugar Factory under the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Mining.
  • 1963 The establishment of Public factories Management Corporation.( the government factories committee) and the monetary of trade, industry and mining .
  • 1965 The erection of New Halfa Sugar Factory.
  • 1965 The establishment of the Industrial Development Corporation to which sugar factories are affiliated.
  • 1971 The establishment of the Subsidiary Corporation for Sugar & Beverages Industry under the General Corporation for Industrial Production .
  • 1976 The erection of Sennar Sugar Factory
  • 1976 the establishment of Sugar Distillation Corporation under the Ministry of Industry.
  • 1979 The erection of Assalaya Sugar Factory.
  • 1980 The dissolution of Sugar Corporation transferring the (4) Sugar Factories to separate public companies.
  • 1981 The registration of Guneid , Halfa ,Sennar & Assalaya Sugar Companies, as independent companies under the Ministry of Industry .
  • 1986 The establishment of an office as co-ordination office for sugar industry.
  • 1990 Formation of Sudanese Sugar Production Sugar Company to manage the four sugar factories is affiliated.
  • 1992 Renamed of the SSPC as Sudanese Sugar Co Ltd.

Sudanese Sugar Co. Ltd

Since 1992 Sudanese Sugar Company is regarded one of vital economic pillars in the country, and one of the successful public sector companies operating in accordance with the Law of Companies of 1925. Sudanese sugar companies have seen radical changes and have achieved high efficiency figures.

Company Shareholders:

Sudanese Sugar Co. Ltd is fully owned governmental company, and the shareholders of the company are the Central Bank of Sudan and the Ministry of Finance and National Economy

In country location

Sudanese Sugar Co. Ltd

Gamma Street, Hai Elshatti, Square  #7,

P.O. Box: 511

Khartoum, Sudan

Tel: +249 183 774 773

Fax: +249 183 778 271