Guneid Sugar Cane Research Centre

This centre was established in 1981 in order to attain the following objectives:

  1. Improve sugar cane varieties
  2. Breed new varieties of high quality sugar cane and resistance to pest and diseases.
  3. Upgrade in farm agricultural performance
  4. Promote agricultural technologies in the company’s farms
  5. Upgrading operations by intensifying the effects of fertilizers and pesticides.

Training Centre at Sennar sugar factory

Training centre at Sennar sugar factory was established during 1975 to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Taining, capacity building and upgrading skills of employees in the sugar sector.
  2. Upgrading supervisory intermediate skills particularly in the areas of sugar technology, laboratory appliances and workshop equipment.
  3. Provision of training opportunities for the purpose of promoting labor force skills in similar activities.

Plastic bag factory

  1. Year of Construction :       2007
  2. Plant capacity :       20 million bags / year
  3. Machinery manufacturer: STARLINGER, Austria
  4. Products         :       Poly propylene bags

SSC Khartoum Central Foundry

Regarding diversity, spare parts and sugar factories –equipment are being manufactured now at Khartoum Central Foundry, belonging to the company to replace imports.

Foundry was established in 1971 and it was co-financed by United Nations Industrial Development Organisation. Since it became a sick factory with a low production of 10 to 12 tons per month, it was transferred to SSC from the Ministry of Industry for rehabilitation. The rehabilitation was envisaged with 3000 tons per year with the same equipment and layout facilities by using latest technologies and aimed at import substitution by producing various castings for local market and particularly  for sugar industry viz.  boiler furnace grate bars, cane cutting knives,   etc.