Production of the Sugar Factories:

Sudanese Sugar Co. Ltd has a big giant with an annual capacity of 3,500,000 tons of sugar cane and produce 350,000 tons of sugar (refined / VHP) and 120,000 tons of molasses. Further plans are under process to  increase the capacity of the sugar factories and expand  by applying modern techniques.

Banking Relationship:

Due to the big size of the company and different locations of the factories, Sudanese Sugar Co. Ltd has very good banking relationship with commercial banks as well as Central Bank of Sudan. SSC deals with 80% of the numbers of banks existed in Khartoum.




Brief details of factories of Sudanese Sugar Co Ltd

  1. Assalaya sugar factory
  1. Plastic bag factory
  1. Sennar sugar factory
  1. Sennar ethanol project
  1. Training centre at Sennar sugar factoryactivities.
  1. Guneid sugar factory
  1. Guneid Sugar Cane Research Centre
  1. New Halfa sugar factory